Real Estate Marketing

Increase Your Hotel’s Fractional Sales

Seasmoke has the experience, relationships, and tools to drive sales of your vacation property. Real estate online marketing is one of our specialties.

We have developed the marketing program for multiple real estate clients, many of whom offer both a rental pool and partial or full ownership of vacation villas and condominiums.

Marketing vacation real estate online has different requirements than selling primary residences. You’re selling the destination as much as, if not more, than the accommodation. Your customers are almost always from out of town, so your website better be visually stunning, informative and interactive.

Selling vacation real estate is highly competitive, and it is key the website ranks well, is highly visual and sells a lifestyle. Specialty features include:

  • Visual. Drone, Still Photography, 360 Degree Room Tours, Interactive Site Plans, Live Webcams, and Photo of the Day
  • Informative. Podcasts, Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Click to Talk (an agent calls back immediately), and Instant Messaging (with an agent)
  • E-marketing. Discovery Kits, E-brochures, E-newsletters and E-mail Postcards
  • Real Estate Search Engine Marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) to promote geographic and market-relevant real estate terms

We’re happy to do a complimentary assessment of your resort, or just give us a shout if you have any questions. Contact Us