About Us

Seasmoke – Born Out of a Love for Travel

Located on Canada’s West Coast, in Victoria, BC, Seasmoke PR Inc. was born out of a love for travel and a passion for adventure. Named after the Seasmoke, a historic family sailing vessel, we’ve grown from a staff of two in 1999 to a dynamic team of 14 internet, PR and communications professionals today.

Our Core Strengths

Seasmoke PR Inc. specializes in digital resort marketing.  Our clients value our industry experience, our technical skills, and our ability to deliver a comprehensive, coordinated marketing program.

We represent a wide range of clients, from mid-size hotels and beachfront condominium resorts, to 15-unit cottage properties. One particular specialty of ours is the online marketing of boutique resorts. Since we are a smaller company working in a large market, we are keenly aware of the opportunities, threats, and challenges that present themselves within our sector of the industry. We understand boutique properties have a small marketing and PR team and strive to compliment on site resources in the most effective manner possible.


We offer a one-stop shopping solution to manage the important elements of a successful online marketing program.  This includes developing mobile-friendly responsive websites, providing consulting services on critical platforms like property management systems, channel management systems, and online booking engines, implementing rate and promotional strategy, social media and communications platforms, offering cutting-edge resort photography services, and more.

At Seasmoke PR Inc., you will work with a highly experienced executive team of industry professionals committed to delivering excellence and enhancing all aspects of your hotel’s performance. We specialize in implementing digital resort marketing solutions that stimulate ROI and conversion, and strive to deliver the most leading-edge strategies and technologies.  Particularly, our highly-personalized approach to doing business ensures greater customer service and satisfaction in every step of the process.


The essence of our company – the principles, beliefs and philosophy speak to being strong communicators, being highly responsive to requests.  We enjoy implementing digital solutions that help streamline marketing operations to free up management time.  Moreover, we are honest, we don’t overbill, and go above and beyond for our clients. We believe relationships take time to nurture and are often the first to suggest a careful approach, to start small, to gain respect and trust.

After 17 years, we also wouldn’t be in business today if we didn’t believe in the power of a handshake. From the Caribbean and Central America to the USA and Canada, there isn’t a market that we have represented where we haven’t stepped onto the beaches, waded into the waters, or reached across a desk and shook the hand of the clients we’re so proud to represent.