Boutique Resorts

Our Specialty

Seasmoke is proud to represent a wide range of clients, from large 464-room all-inclusive resorts, to mid-size hotels, to 12-room cottage properties. However, one particular specialty of ours is the marketing and promotion of boutique resorts.

Since we are a smaller company working in a large market, we completely understand the need to have certain niches covered. The environment of a boutique property requires an engaging and intimate understanding of that specific end of the market. We know how a boutique property works, and are keenly aware of all the opportunities, threats, and challenges that present themselves within that sector of the industry.

You have to appreciate the nature of the small property in order to best serve its needs. Seasmoke understands that boutique properties have a small marketing and PR team and we strive to compliment to on site resources in the most effective manner possible. With us, there is only a need for one point of contact who will work diligently with your property and Seasmoke’s team.

You may hear terms like “action your vision”, and that’s exactly what we do for you. We take that success you want and see for your property and we make it a reality. Not only that, but we make the whole process with Seasmoke as convenient and worry-free as can be. With us, there’s only one relationship to manage, as opposed to multiple outfits seeking your attention and permission for every little detail. As a small, boutique entity, you simply don’t have time for more staff management.

We invite you to see for yourself. Just drop us a line, and we’ll provide samples of the work we’ve done for similar boutique properties and their campaigns; and we’ll also be happy to do a complimentary assessment of your resort. Contact Us