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Inexpensive Exposure and Bridal Leads in Key Markets

Seasmoke PR’s Romance Travel marketing program is an innovative and powerful PR initiative we have developed that will help your product gain awareness within the weddings/honeymoon industry. It’ll also land you valuable leads and increase direct bookings.

This proactive program allows you to directly communicate your messages and services to Romance Travel coordinators in North America. You’ll receive valuable marketing exposure with weddings and honeymoon providers and professionals via e-mail distributions to an industry-leading database with a familiarization (FAM) package, or a discount on your products or services.

Our industry-savvy staff will directly follow-up with relevant related professionals within the field by phone, resulting in new and powerful relationships, as well as contacts with the people that will actively promote your product to their clientele on a continual, on-going basis. Our talented sales team will also drive barters/contra deals with the wedding industry in exchange for low season packages with your property.

Why the Romance Market?

Honeymooners are Unique and the Most Desirable of Customers

    • No other customer embarks on such a full-price shopping spree; or does so with an immediacy that yields unprecedented branding opportunities.
    • “Low maintenance” travelers ; they typically prefer to be left alone to enjoy their trip.

Year-Round Market

    • Even though there are peak marrying months, romance travel is a year-round market.

Recession Proof

    • 99% of all wedding couples have a honeymoon.
    • The average wedding couple spends close to 3 times more on their honeymoon than the average leisure traveler.
    • Couples are willing to pay full price, and spend more time and money, in order to make their honeymoon the trip of a lifetime.

Repeat Business and Referrals

    • 40% of people undergoing “life stage events” (e.g. marriage) develop new brand loyalties.
    • Couples like to return to the place they honeymooned to re-live their honeymoon memories and/or celebrate vow renewals.

Longer Stays

    • The average honeymoon is 8 days (excluding travel time), compared to leisure travelers who stay an average 3-7 days.

Destination Weddings

  • Destination weddings are a growing trend, and couples often bring close friends or family with them who also vacation for a few days before leaving the couple to enjoy the rest of their honeymoon.

Our Campaign

Simply put, we get your information in front of romance travel, weddings, and honeymoon professionals in a timely and inviting way, and we follow up to make sure they’re clear about your offer. The time, coordination, and expense of developing solid, compelling offers can fall flat if your audience and validators can’t be reached.

Initiatives include:

Package Development

    • Dedicated staff strategizes with you to create a special or discount on a product or package you want to offer.

E-Mail Campaign

    • We develop a branded e-flyer with professional, eye-catching copy and graphics and then blast it to our database of relevant weddings and honeymoon shop operators and clubs to begin the conversation.


  • We’ll follow up, live on the phone, and make contact with romance travel, wedding, and honeymoon professionals, utilizing professionally prepared and consistent messages to ensure our authentic dialogue is direct, informed, and to the point.

Seasmoke takes care of every piece of the campaign, all under one roof.

We have professional writers writing your scripts and copy, and we have an internet specialist on hand who oversees development graphic development, database lists, and quality assurance of distributions. Our sales team then adds that personal touch, making direct calls to romance travel decision-makers, in order to generate new relationships and leads for you.

Industry-Leading Romance Travel Database

Seasmoke has built a database of nearly 150 romance and bridal organizations in North America, including the following specialty lists:

  • USA and Canada: Wedding Publications
  • USA and Canada: Wedding Websites
  • USA and Canada: Noted Wedding Planners & Wedding Professionals
  • USA and Canada: Honeymoon/Romance Websites

Seasmoke Understands the Big Picture

While firm leads are certainly one goal of this program, the campaign has the equally important goal of public awareness. Email and follow-up calls are efficient and wide-reaching. There is no better way to have your message communicated to romance travel, wedding, and honeymoon professionals. It takes time to nurture leads and relationships. It’s a process; and we recognize the program is a significant and powerful PR exercise.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a complimentary assessment. Contact Us

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