Services & Programs

Services and Programs

Seasmoke is happy to offer a wide variety of services and programs designed to better your business and increase the options your resort has at its disposal. Wether you are looking for a single service, a combination of a few, or more, we’d be happy to walk you through which services we feel would best meet your needs.

At Seasmoke we provide a “one stop shopping” experience, and excel in the sectors of hotel and resort marketing for the Caribbean, Central America, and Canada. We manage everything, so you don’t have to. Seasmoke works with and for all kinds of destination resort interests, from privately owned properties headed up by visionary entrepreneurs, to small corporate resort businesses, to rental pool board members.

Furthermore, Seasmoke brings both speed and quality to the table with all of our services. We are quick, efficient, consistent, creative, and reliable. We have had years honing our talents and skills into exactly what you need to be competitive in the resort industry without slowing down or sullying results.

Please follow the links to the particular service or program you’re interested in finding out more about.

You are also welcome to drop us a line directly, either through email or telephone, and we can go over things with you. When working with Seasmoke, we feel transparency on our end is vital to the joint success of whatever we do together.

Reservations Services

Streamline your reservations services by having channel management, online booking engines, yield management, and more all in one place with a focus on superior customer service.

Channel Management

Channel Management is setting up, coordinating, overseeing, and leveraging online booking platforms in order to strategically drive new revenues, bring tremendous online marketplace exposure to your property, fill low occupancy periods, and promote a consistent brand image online, as well as numerous other things.

Multi-channel Reporting

Our monthly reports list key data: search engine rankings, website traffic, top referring sites, time spent on site, key word response levels, and Google AdWords campaign highlights.

Reputation Management

Reputation is everything, and Seasmoke provides high quality Reputation Management when it comes to your business. Never worry again about undeserved bad reviews mucking up the works—we’re here to ensure your hard work is not wasted.

Social Media Management

In today’s age, social media can easily make or break a company. The travel and resort sectors are heavily dependent on promotion and communication through social media, just like the very guests they’re trying to reach.

Website Creation

Establishing a web presence is essential to the success and survival of your resort. But don’t worry, we have an all-inclusive website creation and management package that can swiftly tailored to fit you and your needs.

Online Promotions

Promoting can be tough—do we know that one well. Seasmoke brings combined decades of promotional experience to the largest table human beings are seated at: The Internet. Online promotion seems like a no-brainer, but when it comes to actually effectively utilizing online promotion to your advantage, it’s easy to get stuck. We make sure you don’t get stuck, and we are proud to be online promotions experts. We handle every aspect you need, too, from social media and web promotions, to graphic design, to newsletters, blogs, and mailing lists.

Resort Photography

Often overlooked by many a service, Seasmoke knows that a stunning picture is worth millions of words. Or, even better: VIEWS. Your prospective guests have usually already decided whether or not they’re spending their valuable time and money with you based on the images you show them. We come to you, professionally photograph your resort, and will even use drone photography to make sure the job is done right.

Hosting Services

Your website needs to be hosted and taken care of, like a member of a caring family. You need Speed, Security, and Stability for a website that will rarely, if ever, let you down. Seasmoke knows that anything can happen at any time, and we are prepared for it. Where we are concerned in this sector, the next S-word in this equation is always Success.

Website Maintenance

This service focuses on regular website maintenance, including the addition of website pages, rate updates, policy changes, Vector logos, SSL certificates, creation of secure forms, and any other maintenance required.

Weddings and Honeymoons

Seasmoke PR’s Romance Travel marketing program is an innovative and powerful PR initiative we have developed that will help your product gain awareness within the weddings/honeymoon industry. It’ll also land you valuable leads and increase direct bookings.

Travel Agent Marketing

Seasmoke PR’s Travel Agent marketing program is an innovative and powerful outreach initiative that we have developed to gain awareness among travel professionals of your product, land you valuable leads and increase direct bookings.

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