The Importance of Your Social Presence

Sep  10,  2018

One of the services we are proud to provide our clients here at Seasmoke PR is social media management. Not only do we reply to messages and monitor engagement, but we create regular posts based on your brand, key messages, promotions, and more.

While social media may seem like a small piece of running a business, social platforms have become one of the biggest online marketing tools for businesses. In 2005 7% of adults were active on social media: in 2018, that number has sky rocketed to nearly 80%. Over 3 billion people log into their profiles on a daily basis, making it a key marketplace.

In addition to the number of potential customers or guests browsing social media, an online presence provides what every business strives for: brand awareness. A Facebook account projects who you are, what you do, and how you do it, all while allowing you to engage with the public in a positive manner. By sharing content across social media not only do you experience an increase in website traffic, but it can enhance your SEO ranking.

With billions of people online and checking their accounts multiple times a day, it’s never been easier to reach your audience. At Seasmoke we create and manage engaging profiles to ensure your brand stands out—providing you maximum engagement without having to worry about creating consistent, engaging content yourself.

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