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“The team at Seasmoke offer a service that is second to none.”

January 28, 2016

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Seasmoke on the redesign of Ti Kaye Resort & Spa’s website. This has been an absolute amazing experience. The team at Seasmoke offer a service that is second to none. With great attention to detail and a wealth of technical knowledge about the tourism industry in the Caribbean, this has made working with them on numerous projects a breeze. Their communication skills are succinct, and they always go the extra mile by providing reliable data that has allowed our marketing team at the resort to make informed decision about our brand strategy. The relationship that we have cultivated with them over the last 2 years has become a valuable asset to the company’s image. With that said, I would highly recommend Seasmoke for any services related to web training, graphic designing, IT support, online, digital and social media marketing.”

Jem Lorde Marketing Manager, Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

“Within a short period of time we are back to top billing and the envy of your competitors.”

January 27, 2016

Dear Chris,

“Please accept this short note of gratitude for the work that you and your crew have done to resurrect our internet presence over the past two years. As you recall our website was in the “abyss” when you and your colleagues were engaged to put us back on track. Within a short period of time we are back to top billing and the envy of our competitors. Dan, Lindsay, and Dylan have been key in developing and implementing our marketing strategies which in turn have improved our bottom line. They are a pleasure to work with and considered a part of our team by all. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.”

Tom Vasdekas Chairman Aqua Bay Club Grand Cayman, BWI

February 2, 2016

” … Their team is reliable and dedicated, they are top-performing customer professionals
who have the customers concerns at heart. I regularly received unsolicited praise from our
guests commending our professional and well organized website … ”

Warmest regards,

Michaela Feinstein General Manager, Blackbird Caye Resort

“Aker my personal experience with working with Seasmoke Communications. I don’t think I would do it any other way. What a great team of professionals and dedicated people Mr. Higgins has working for him. Media Relations has proven to be a more cost effective and credible way of advertising than any other form of advertising we’ve tried.
Anthony’s Key Resort has been in the business for more than 35 years, very well known in the diving industry. A ninety percent of Anthony’s Key Resort’s business is from repeat clients who keep coming back to experience the family like atmosphere AKR has to offer. This alone tells us we are doing something right. AKR delivers more than guest expect it’s like some guest say ” it’s better than the brochure features it. ” Seasmoke has only helped enhance and highlight AKR in the public eye even more in the past 1 1/2 year that we’ve been working with them.
The articles placed in the news papers over the past year have proven to be more Powerful than any other form of advertising it testifies exactly what guest experience at Anthony’s Key Resort. This reaches so much more customers than advertising in the magazines. I am happy with the results and feel we have a good working relationship with Seasmoke communications. I highly recommend investing your dollars in media relations. It’s worth so much morel.”

Haydee Galindo, Owner [email protected]

Chris, Dan & the entire SEASMOKE PR staff,

“THANK YOU for all of your speedy work, your constant feedback, new ideas, suggestions, graphic designs and most of all your constant update. We couldn’t have a better team to help us with internet, marketing and press support. You are always there for us, we think and a minute later you execute!! That’s what we call GREAT work!
Thank you so much!!”

Claudia R. Cuevas [email protected] P: 954 929.0090

“Chris Higgins and the crew at Seasmoke PR continue to do a stellar job for us here at Ocean Trails Resort. They’re service is always well above and beyond and they combine that with tremendous follow through. We highly recommend the services of Seasmoke PR.
It is so crucial to have a firm like seasmoke PR whose staff not only thinks outside the box but turns the box upside down and inside out. The Seasmoke PR team is tremendously creative, innovative and fun to work with.”

Shannon Maury Hospitality Manager, Ocean Trails Resort