Seasmoke PR’s Environmental Initiatives

Dec  01,  2016

At Seasmoke PR we have a deep love affair with the ocean. Our unique name—Seasmoke—comes from a beloved family sailboat taken around the world. We love travel and all things to do with the water!

Our specialty dive resort marketing was born out of this interest, and we are pleased to say that in addition to sharing our passion for ocean adventures we are now creating environmental initiatives with our clients around the Caribbean.

Coral reefs are in danger, and dying rapidly. As much as we as travelers love to snorkel and scuba dive, we forget that many sunscreens are poisonous for coral. Water pollution is rapidly damaging the ecosystem, and it’s one that we need. Coral reefs support about 25% of all marine life, despite not covering much of the ocean floor. That means they are vital to fish and other aquatic species’ survival, as well as provide income and food for us, and protect us from ocean weather by acting as a natural barrier.

So what are we doing? We are getting involved in coral planting efforts local to our clients. Coral planting requires the setting up of coral nurseries where small pieces of coral and grown and then transplanted to areas that need new growth followed by careful monitoring. By creating coral planting initiatives with our clients, we at Seasmoke are excited and proud to be taking care of the ocean that we so enjoy.