Seasmoke Launches Reservations Services

Jan  01,  2017

While Seasmoke PR offers many services for your internet marketing and PR needs, we are adding another service to our list: Reservations Services. A complete top-to-bottom service, our team of highly skilled, veteran professionals act as your reservations office so that you can get back to providing your guests superior customer service. After all, a fancy interactive website won’t create repeat guests if the service upon arrival is subpar.

So what does it mean to have Seasmoke PR act as your remote reservations office? We maintain all of your communication channels as an extension of your brand—answering phone calls, e-mails, live chat, and more, all while promoting your key messages with customer service in mind. We manage all incoming bookings, changes made to reservations, and cancellations.

Calls are never dropped on our 1-800 North American phone line, and our commitment to responsiveness online and offline means a guest query never goes unanswered or left to find a competitor.

We invite you to leave all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a smooth reservations office to us. Not only will we maintain your image, but you and your team can get back to focusing on providing memorable guest experiences to those at your resort.