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Media Relations

You have a small resort property and you donít have the large advertising budget of bigger chains, so how do you get noticed? Media relations. Media relations are essentially the behind the scenes strategy and logistics for getting positive news features in the travel media Ė both print and digital.

One travel feature alone can be worth $100,000 of paid advertising space. Itís actually even more valuable because you canít buy it. Why spend $2,000+ on one paid display advertisement promoting diving or weddings at your property, when you could have us work securing several articles in multiple publications?

Benefits of media relations:

  • Focus on specific target markets (regional, diving, eco-adventure, etc.)
  • Builds credibility
  • Reaches bigger audience
  • Promotes long term planning

Marketing & Media Relations Strategies

Seasmoke are media relations experts in the travel industry with over 20 years of experience in the business.

We have an exceptional database of over 5,000 editorial contacts throughout North America. We have an extensive list of freelance journalists specializing in travel and outdoor adventure. We also subscribe to a media monitoring resource that locates editorial coverage for our clients throughout Canada and Northern United States.