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Creative PR Campaigns

Make Public Relations Marketing Work For You

When it comes to planning marketing, it is important to ask “What is the most effective way to spend marketing dollars, reach consumers and influence their behavior?”

Advertising spending is becoming ever more constrained, as businesses try to make the best media marketing decision possible with limited resources. Line rates in publications and airtime on television are expensive endeavors. The influence of the Internet continues to grow in significance, and it doesn’t end there.

Public Relations Experts & Strategy

Seasmoke PR prides itself on creating original packages which can be promoted to the media.

Seasmoke PR developed North America’s only Ale Trail by linking seven world-class microbreweries together. Individually, there may be a small story for each brewery, but together they received coverage in the New York Times, The Boston Globe and the LA Times.

Other unique packages have included:

  • Tigh Na Mara Resort and Spa’s Desperate Housewives campaign which has become part of their regular promotional offerings.
  • A gourmet cycling wine tour with journalists and visitors cycling from vineyard to vineyard sampling gourmet cheeses, delicious Chardonnay and Pinot wines.
  • A nighttime kayaking experience where media and guests were accompanied by astronomers to small islands to sample fresh Dungeness crab, sip wine and gaze at the stars.


Seasmoke is able to scale up or scale down a promotional idea depending on the size of the individual resort or tourism marketing area. Our creativity gives you the best value for your marketing budget.