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Hotel CRM Systems

The Secret to Guest Loyalty & Enhanced Productivity

Do you want to find and retain customers? Better address customer needs? Keep track of key customer information? Generate quality sales leads? Individualize customer contact and improve customer satisfaction? Then you're looking for customer relationship management strategies.

Customer Relationship Management Systems & Tools

CRM systems and software can enable your travel business to actively collect and manage customer relations in an organized way, providing you and your staff with the tools you need to build positive relationships with your consumers.

More specifically, you can use CRM tools to:

  • Access a central database to view and update customer data
  • Track customer communications and accounts
  • Match customer preferences with your products and packages by reviewing their buying history
  • Plan, implement, and manage marketing campaigns with clear goals and objectives
  • Maintain regular communication with your customers and guests
  • Follow up in a timely way with quality leads
  • Provide a higher level of customer service
  • Gather opinions through surveys
  • Enhance productivity
  • Generate reports and trend analysis

Why Customer Relationship Management Systems

The travel industry is competitive, especially during these tough economic times. Maintaining regular communication with your guests, improving customer service, and following up on quality leads all contribute to one thing: increased sales and conversions. Furthermore, CRM tools improve internal communications and decision making, also contributing to increased profits. Seasmoke PR has professionals on hand who can interface your website with existing customer relationship management systems or develop a solution with tools tailored to your needs.