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CRM Contact Databases

Centralize Internet & Email Marketing Leads In One Database

As part of your travel or hotel internet marketing strategy, you now have a list of incredible potential customer data that you gathered from various sources like blogs, the tell-a-friend system, guest books and internet inquiries, so what do you do with all of these valuable leads? The answer is to have a customer relationship management system that allows you to tie in all of this data gathered from various sources into one database that can be sorted and that can generate reports for future use.

Customer Relationship Management Systems for Sales

Being able to collect and view database content is important, but, to be truly effective, one must be able to utilize that data. How? Seasmoke can build a contact database system that meets your needs for travel internet marketing. We understand that the data should be more than just that and that it should be useful.

The administrative system will feature import and export functionality to make it easy to do just that. Each of the data-views within the management interface will feature an export function, making it easy to do things like export lists of newsletter recipients, contest entrants, etc. Additionally, an import tool simplifies the task of maintaining a centralized contact database to assist with travel internet marketing.

  • Leads from the Blog, Tell-A-Friend System, Guestbook, etc. would all be stored under one umbrella.
  • You can receive monthly reports on new data collected.
  • Database is automated to be cleaned, removing duplicates and redundant leads.