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Search engine Optimization

SEO for hotels, resorts & tourist boards. A business that can't be found doesn't exist, so ensure organic growth with increased website traffic, conversion rates & rankings.

Facebook and Email Marketing

Increase hotel & resort sales, build relationships & gather valuable market intelligence with Facebook, social media & email marketing promotions Facebookto drive low season occupancy.

Travel Public Relations

Unbiased, 3rd party exposure from editors in gateway cities. Get noticed & influence consumer behaviour with thousands of dollars of value in press coverage. A travel article is more believable and better read than paid advertising.

Website Design & Managment

Cutting edge resort design with a strong SEO and sales/reservations focus. Integrate social media elements and get a full suite of automated systems to drive email collection.

Welcome to Seasmoke PR

Experts in Hotel Internet Marketing, SEO & Public Relations

Is your resort website looking dated while your competitors seem to have the cutting edge? You know an internet marketing strategy is critical but don't know where to start? You've heard of social media but don't know how to make it work for your business? You want honest professionals who live and breathe digital travel public relations to completely manage your marketing needs for you no hand holding? Value for your dollar is paramount and affordability is key?

Seasmoke PR Travel & Hotel Internet Marketing is a resort, diving and adventure travel public relations company full stop. It's what we do, every day, all day. We understand digital and travel media relations. We use it. We play with it. We live it. We have chosen not to branch out beyond our core business. We do not extend our technical know-how to capture a plethora of industries, but apply our full knowledge of the North American and Caribbean resort industry to our technical skill set.

Seasmoke PR can ensure increased website traffic, conversion rates, and search engine rankings, which ultimately ensure the growth of your travel company.

More of what we uniquely specialize in:

Hotel Internet Marketing

One of our key strengths is that we do Internet marketing & SEO for 25 resorts and boutique hotels within North America and the Caribbean, looking for trends and powerful travel tools. Internet marketing is 100% measurable; we can track the websites that bring in the most conversions and visitors. Seasmoke can quickly recommend top advertising performers because we have proof that they work, and work well. Why spend limited advertising resources sampling perhaps hundreds of travel sites when Seasmoke knows which ones deliver? More about hotel internet marketing

Hotel SEO

What if customers couldn't locate your business? Couldn't find your phone number or address? A business that can't be found does not exist - whether offline or online. SEO (search engine optimization) can help your customers find you quickly and successfully by increasing the relevancy and visibility of your online content to search engines and end users. Experts in hotel SEO, Seasmoke PR can save you money by bringing hundreds of hours of planning, all based on hotel/resort and travel terms, to the table from day one. Find out more about hotel SEO

Facebook & Social Media Marketing

"Facebook has overtaken Google as the most popular site in the United States." "Brands on Facebook and Twitter [are] favoured by customers." You've probably heard the buzz surrounding social media sites, but do you know what to do about it? Conventional rules and strategies do not apply when it comes to online social media marketing, and, as the shift to social media continues, Seasmoke can help demystify this new cyber age marketing technique with a customized social media strategy that will grow your business and online presence. Find out more about marketing through social media

Travel Public Relations

Public relations marketing (press releases, articles, and media distribution) compliments social media and Internet marketing by delivering thousands of dollars of value in third party press coverage. Purchasing advertising space in news media is costly, but a travel article, because of its unbiased third party nature and its ability to draw the reader in, can be four to six times more powerful than a purchased ad of the same size. As a top travel public relations firm, Seasmoke can not only save advertising dollars, but can also help you build a solid public reputation. Find out more about travel public relations

Still not convinced?

If you're still not certain that we're the right Internet marketing firm for your hotel or travel business, here are more reasons to choose Seasmoke PR:


In these tough economic times we realize that budgets are tight and we respect that. Because we do not have the corporate overhead of large metropolitan companies, we can lower our rates a savings that we pass on to you. In addition to probably the best hourly rate available, we consistently put in the extra effort to get the job done, and these hours are never billed to the client. Perhaps a minor point, but you'll never see hours billed for phone calls or conferencing.


Seasmoke does not sub-contract out, but works together as specialists toward a common goal. From resort/hotel SEO to online reservations systems, we do Internet marketing from top to bottom. Sub-contracting often means delays, inconsistency, and lack of product knowledge.

Another hallmark of Seasmoke PR Inc. is timely and professional reporting. It is important that the client know we are working weekly. As Seasmoke's owner has a public relations background, he insists that both the web specialists and public relations team provide daily reports with detailed notes every day they work for you.


Formed in 1999 - why is that important? Well, it means we've been around for a while and have a good track record of exceeding our clients' expectations. Work with us and see how Seasmoke can give you an edge over your competitors.


Seasmoke has earned the trust of our clients and we'd like to earn your trust too.

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